Dark Carnival Wicked Fitness

No Rest For The Wicked. For we are the wickedest there is.

Dark Carnivals answer to fitness. It is fun and it is challenging.

Wicked Fitness blends focused movement development with timed round and circuit based training for a combat fitness session like no other. Utilizing full body movements from Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wicked Fitness will see you on the ground and on your feet for a workout that will be sure to push your boundaries on all levels.

With coaches and fellow students to encourage you and exercises which can be scaled to suit your capacity, we will be sure to challenge your perceptions and increase your capability.


Dark Carnival invites you to trial our facilities with our complimentary, all access, trial. The trial week gives you access to all the classes and facilities Dark Carnival has to offer.

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