Dark Carnival Strength & Conditioning

Live life aggressively.

We’ve shamelessly pilfered that from people much smarter than us, however, it perfectly describes what we aim for at Dark Carnival Strength and Conditioning.

Whether you need a strength and conditioning program for an upcoming fight or simply to have the capability to take your kids to the zoo in the morning and play a game of basketball with your friends in the afternoon, we want to help you achieve those goals.

How do we do this? simple – however we need to.

We are not married to any training modality or implement. Barbells, Kettlebells, bodyweight, it doesn’t matter. Far from being technical purists, we use one yard stick – if it works, its in. More importantly, it needs to work for you.

The one thing that remains constant is strength. In order to live an aggressive life you must be physically, mentally and emotionally strong and that is something we emphasise with every session.

Sound like you? Want kick-start something new for yourself? then please come and visit us and let us help you live life aggressively.


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