Dark Carnival Self Preservation

Dark Carnival Self Preservation (DCSP) provides students and clients with all of the options to walk away from a confrontation where possible before looking to engage. If engagement is the only option, then we arrive with overwhelming force looking to destroy the situation as effectively and efficiently as possible. DCSP gives you the tools to handle yourself in the reality of a violent situation.

Working off the principals of the old first aid acronym ‘DRABCD’ … but with a twist;
• Danger
• Response
• Assess
• Blitz
• Clinch
• Destroy

The emphasis of DCSP is to constantly assess the situation and back out where possible. Your welfare, your well being, your life.

Focusing on becoming confident dealing with physical altercations whether they be standing, in the clinch or on the ground, DCSP will give you the stress inoculation of exchanging hand strikes in a street boxing environment, closing in for dirty/clinch boxing and take-downs for positional control and restraint.


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