Dark Carnival Muay Thai

Known as ‘The art of eight weapons’, Muay Thai will see you combining Hand, Elbow, Knee and Leg strikes in a fun and friendly environment to build your physical, mental and emotional conditioning.

Dark Carnival Muay Thai (DCMT) is a fundamentals based learning program that will see you develop your physical game by focusing on the individual aspects of Muay Thai and setting strong foundations before adding in more weapons. Start with Hands and Footwork, move onto Legs, and put them together before adding in the Clinch and Knees, then finish by adding in Elbows for the Full Thai Rules experience.

Develop your mental game by learning combination theory as well as basic ring-craft and tactic before playing with advanced ring-craft and tactic which will see you dancing circles around your opponent while they dance to your tune.
Discover more about yourself on the mats and rise to the emotional challenge with help from coaches and fellow students as you walk this path of life performance.

Whether it is for fun, fitness, self-preservation or to compete in the ring, DCMT is sure to challenge you and see you achieve your goals.


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