Dark Carnival Frequently Asked Questions

You want to find a gym that is easy for you to get to and where you feel comfortable with the staff and the pace of the instruction.  You want to feel as though the coaches listen to your individual goals and plans and work with you on those. You want to feel like part of the gym family over time.

This is a personal decision and will depend somewhat on your training goals. We have a broad selection of class-based sessions on offer and we can do 1 on 1 Personal Training (PT) sessions as/when required.  Some students use PT sessions to boost their technical competence at certain times e.g. leading up to gradings, some use PTs because they have specific work commitments e.g. they work night shifts, while some do only class-based as they prefer to monitor their progress amongst their peers or a particular training buddy.

Not immediately. We have a range of equipment for use by students when attending classes, particularly during the introductory week. This includes gloves, pads, and Gi’s. Over time you will need to purchase safety items such as mouth guards and groin guards, and if you begin training regularly, you will enjoy doing so in your own gloves/Gi.

Training shorts and t-shirt is fine, or leggings/spats for BJJ.

The fee schedule is dependent on the frequency of your training and the type of membership you may take up. General information is available onsite at 69 Dundas Court Phillip or by enquire here

You can pay via cash, direct deposit or debit, or credit card.

If you are undertaking class-based training, yes. It is important to know how to be a good partner during drills, whether this be holding pads, or rolling in BJJ. It is also a useful experience to partner with people of various age, size and skills, as the gym community grows in its competence together.

Our timetable offers beginners and advanced classes and over your journey with us, you can choose to participate in the grading process which is how students progress from the beginners to the advanced streams.

Yes, we have a very successful kids program offering our Anti-Bullying program, DCKIDS, as well as both BJJ and Muay Thai. Starting from age 4, there are two options for children, a dedicated school semester-based program on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons (DCKIDS, or there are kids sessions on the mainstream timetable at 5pm Mondays and Wednesdays (BJJ & MT).

There is no age limit to learn with us and we are experienced in tailoring training to the level and physical abilities of the student. We have trained octogenarians and we also regularly work with people with disabilities.

We are a martial arts gym and our layout and the equipment is focused principally on BJJ and Muay Thai. We do have a rower, squat rack and range of kettle bells for the functional strength training that important for martial arts.

We have two showers and two toilets onsite for the exclusive use of our members. Body wash and shampoo and conditioner are provided.

In addition to the class-based sessions, open sessions and the kids program, you can work with one of our strength and conditioning trainers who will help you lift your general fitness e.g. through boot camp style approaches and specific areas of strength and conditioning, or assist you with coming back from injuries.

From time to time we also host dedicated workshops, which may include international guest instructors. As and when these events come up, social media is updated.

We are available for any number of events, whether they be onsite at the gym, or at another facility which we can bring equipment to.

Around 8 to 10 years. Might be quicker, 6 years, or it may take longer, 12+ years.

End of the day, unless you have other plans, we assume you are going to be something in 10 years, may as well be a black belt. Keep going.


Our class timetables are now available for download. Get a full list of what is on and when so you can plan your week and never miss a class again!

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